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HOME REPERTOIRE MEDIA THE BAND PROMOTIONAL BOOKING Solon Scott Lead vocals Solon Scott Solon likes to get up and after it! His high energy, electrifying style is all about making the fans have an amazing experience. Expect the unexpected, as he "explores the stage", "gets down with the crowd", or belts out an unexpected tune. No two shows are ever the same! He is proud to front Past Curfew as it allows him to continue to grow as an artist. Through the amazing musicians behind him and the choice of songs, he can try on a variety of sounds and styles while still delivering an entertaining performance. Previously he was the front man for Brigade, a hard rock and metal band. Before that, he was lead singer for Rewired, which did a variety of pop, rock, disco and country. Solon's motto is simple: "People like to party, I like to party with the people, so let's have a party!" Nick Kurtz Guitar and backing vocals Nick Kurtz Hailing from Knoxville, TN, Nick Kurtz was irrationally obsessed with music ever since he could walk. He started playing guitar as a teenager, quickly garnering a reputation as one of Knoxville's taller guitarists. Nick spent many years on the original and cover circuits, sharing bills with numerous national acts and recording with local legend Don Coffey, Jr. of Superdrag fame. In 2015, in an effort to ascertain how far northwest a human being could move while remaining in the contiguous United States, he found himself in Seattle and joined Past Curfew. A music major, he's been known to give guitar lessons if provoked, and can be seen at shows channeling light and magic through his magnificently calloused fingertips. Keith F. Kelly Bass and backing vocals Keith F. Kelly Keith took piano lessons as a child, but the music that moved him wasn't classical. He wrote and produced electronic music for several years, until he grew fascinated with bass-centric alternative rock bands like Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Faith No More. Keith rushed out and bought a bass guitar and began teaching himself to play. After moving to Seattle in 1999, Keith joined "The Soul Proprietors", a local soul and Motown cover band, and gigged regularly with them for several years. Later, he formed and led an alternative rock cover band called The Morans, focused on playing seldom-covered highly-challenging songs and bands within the genre. As a joke at a house party, the band played an improvised version of the Commodores song "Brick House" and posted a video recording of it up on YouTube... but the joke was on them when Universal Studios contacted the band and licensed the audio of that recording for use in the opening scene of the 2009 movie "Duplicity" starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. In 2010, Keith joined up with Seattle rock band 93 Octane, with which he performed frequently around the region for a few years. After parting ways with that band, Keith eventually assembled a new project which went on to become Past Curfew. Jeff Hall Drums Jeff Hall Jeff has been an Edmonds, WA resident since birth and has a long list of accomplishments to his name. He has recorded locally and takes a lot of pride in his craft. Jeff started playing the drums in the 7th grade, made the jazz lab band as a freshman at WSU, and played every club he could. He has studied both jazz history and music theory and learned from some of the Pacific Northwest's top instructors. Jeff gradually developed a passion for rock drumming, so he joined a rock band that played fraternity gigs and high school dances throughout the region, transferring his well-honed skills to a new and exciting style. Later, Jeff joined up with Seattle rock band 93 Octane, where he met Keith. After performing together a couple years, Keith and Jeff eventually left and formed their own project, which became Past Curfew. Jeff keeps the band rocking and grooving with his solid chops and easy-going style. All content Copyright © 2014- Past Curfew.